She’s not America’s Sweetheart, but you’ll love Elle King anyway:

ElleKingTaken from her debut LP Love Stuff, Elle King’s anthemic America’s Sweetheart is not just a gutsy blast of brilliant, rock-and-roll infused pop, it’s also a rollicking celebration of individuality and anti-establishmentism.

You try and change me you can go to hell, cause I don’t want to be nobody else,” she warns early on, laying her cards face up on the table before affectionately embracing her imperfections  (“I like the chip I got in my front teeth, and I got bad tattoos you won’t believe“). So, whilst there are plenty of smartly delivered references to those who are quick to judge her (“They said I’ll never be the poster type but they don’t make posters of my kind of life“) and her devil-don’t-care attitude, the track is ultimately one of triumph, best displayed when Elle poses the question “What do you want from me – I’m not America’s Sweetheart?” – and then answers it immediately with a resoundingly rousing “You love me anyway“.

it’s the kind of material that suits her gravelly, rasp and bluesy tone perfectly. Throw in that punchy, banjo accompaniment though, and it plays even better. America’s Sweetheart is bold and brash. It’s refreshingly fearless, unashamedly relentless and utterly infectious. And, as the official audio was shared on VEVO today, I’m hoping it means that it’ll receive an official outing as the follow up to the 26 year old Ohio native’s equally-as-entertaining debut solo single Ex’s and Oh’s.

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