Example premieres music video for his new single Whisky Story: 

Elliot Gleave – aka Example – has a new single out called Whisky Story and today the chart-topping star premiered the track’s official music video, which he’s had planned out in his head for the past twelve months. 

It’s me walking and talking from the tube to Trafalgar Square. One take. One continuous shot. With me filming everything myself on a GoPro on a selfie stick,” he explains before adding that “it took 80 people and 24 takes to get it right. The most stressed i’ve ever been on a video shoot.”

Whisky Story is the first track to be lifted from Example’s upcoming sixth studio album, which will see the new dad returning to his rap and festival-driven dance roots. 

Having time down under, I was away from UK radio and the club scene which got me thinking that I wanted it to sound like nothing else out there at the moment whilst keeping the energy and festival feel of some of biggest tracks to date, says Gleave. 

I wrote this track just after my son was born and was really craving a night out,”  he says. “It’s a tale of nights out in my younger single days and a nod to my first record – and thinking how much my life has changed since then. I want to put the fun and humour back into my music and when another artist heard it they said ‘I think this is the most Example-y example track yet’ which I suppose can only be a good thing.

Watch the music video below. 

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