Gin Wigmore releases new single Willing To Die feat. Logic and Suffa:

Gin Wigmore has released a brand new song to iTunes but, unlike her latest releases New Rush and Written in the Water, the Auckland-born singer’s Willing to Die will not feature on her forthcoming third studio album Blood to Bone

Instead the track, which samples folklorist Alan Lomax’s 1940s song Rosie and features Australian and American hip-hop artists Suffa and Logic, has been released via Universal Records as a standalone single. 

The strategy alone makes Willing To Die a more necessary download purchase for fans of the bluesy rock singer, than were it say, just another countdown single from the upcoming record. But this doesn’t sound like leftover or throwaway material from the album recording sessions, by any stretch either.

Wigmore’s chorus showcase may act as the song’s powerful, come-back-to anchor but the smoky allure of her Deep South-affected drawl is equally matched by Suffa and Logic’s compelling rap verses and production that seamlessly sequences Lomax’s past era folk calls with propelling, contemporary hip-hop production. 

Visit iTunes to download Willing to Die now, and to preorder Blood to Bone ahead of its 30 June release, or listen to the New Zealand singer’s new single below. 

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