Minneapolis band Bora York return with new track Arrest Me from their upcoming second album:

 Minneapolis band Bora York’s latest single Arrest Me sees the five piece back in fine form, as they approach the release of their second studio album, which is set to land next month. 

Husband and wife Chris and Rebekah Bartels share the duty of delivering airy, intoxicating vocals, over funky guitar riffs and bursting, synth washed electronics, and the result is one of the finest from the band who first caught our attention last year with their single Let Loose

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or have been with someone for years, relationships always seem to have seasons of being emotional roller coasters,” says Chris. “I might be crazy, but I think about things a lot on my own, and sometimes let emotions drive my daydreams. It’s more fun that way. And then I process everything through songs.

Arrest Me is about running through a whirlwind of emotion and circumstance, but then ends up at “this cyclone has kept me alive,” essentially saying the rollercoaster is all worth it for that person you love.

The new album follows the independent release of Bora York’s independently released debut Dreaming Free which you can download from iTunes now. Meanwhile stream Arrest Me below. 

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