Ferras – Speak In Tongues [Official Music Video]


Earlier this year, LA-based artist Ferras (last name, Alqaisi) became the first official act to sign up to Katy Perry’s new record label, Metamorphosis Music. A self-titled EP quickly followed, featuring a collaboration between the singer and his new boss called Legends Never Die, and here we have the music video for the collection’s lead single.

First thing worth flagging about Speak In Tongues is that it was produced by Canadian whizz Mathieu Jompe, who operates under the moniker Billboard. Now, why is that important? Well, only because Billboard has had a hand in fiddling with some of the finest pop masterpieces of the last five years. Like the devastating opus of Robyn’s glittering discography so far, Call Your Girlfriend? Yeah, he co-produced that. Britney’s most noteworthy dalliance with dance music? Uh-huh. He co-produced Till The World Ends.

Second is Ferras himself who is on the comeback trail, having experienced some moderate chart success in the States back in 2008 with his debut LP Aliens and Rainbows. His chiselled, model looks already make him a striking visual presence, but it’s the ease at which he unwaveringly navigates pop, soul and R&B sensibilities that really impresses. Whether he’s powering out the big notes, unleashing his controlled falsetto or seducing with his sexed-up plans for a steamy encounter, Ferras does so effortlessly.

Watch the video for Speak In Tongues below and download the EP from iTunes here.

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