The studio edit of Kylie Minogue’s X2008 tour track ‘Ruffle My Feathers (Everlasting Love)’ leaks online. Listen:


Back in 2008, Kylie Minogue premiered two new tracks live on her X2008 tour. Both Flower and Ruffle My Feathers had been recorded during the studio sessions for her tenth studio album X – an underrated masterpiece in KM’s back catalogue, if you ask me – but neither made the final tracklisting at the time.

The sweeping ballad Flower resurfaced during Kylie’s Abbey Road Sessions recordings and was released as a single with an accompanying music video to promote the collection of tracks from her back catalogue, all performed alongside a full scale orchestra.

Ruffle My Feathers though remained closely guarded and most had given up hope of hearing the studio edit in its full glory but this weekend a seemingly finished version of the track – a firm favourite amongst fans who saw it performed live during Kylie’s 2008 tour – arrived online and, for the time being at least, you can stream it below.

A funky electronic disco beat provides the backdrop for Kylie’s parenthesised, mid-tempo pop number (Everlasting Love) which sounds like a distant cousin of the futuristic title track from her 2000 masterpiece Light Years.

Of course, we’re several Kylie albums down the line now and it probably won’t be long before Ruffle My Feathers disappears from the web again so best hedge our bets and pop Kylie’s X2008 tour performance below for you too.

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