UK singer-songwriter Queen of Hearts drops new LP ‘Cocoon’. Watch the video for ‘Like A Drug’ here:


London-based singer songwriter Elizabeth Morphew is better known as the enchanting UK pop siren Queen of Hearts who, a few years ago, graced us with several superb ethereal sweepers such as Neon and Warrior.

Yesterday, Queen of Hearts pulled a small scale Beyoncé by stealth releasing her debut solo album Cocoon to the world, without so much as a mutter or pre-Tweet, before then sealing the deal by unveiling the music video for gliding mid-tempo electro banger Like A Drug. No relation to Kylie’s X masterpiece, but a corker of a track that would lend itself well to a round of giddy remixes – perhaps NY duo The Soundmen could repay the favour after QoH contributed vocals to their track Games We Play earlier this year?

Anyway, something tells me Queen of Hearts won’t remain a best kept secret for too long, after this. Download Cocoon on iTunes here and head over to Vertigo Schtick to stream the 14 song strong album in full.


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