Swedish alt-pop trio NONONO premiere new album cut ‘One Wish’. Listen here:


NONONO have premiered a new track from their upcoming debut album online.

One Wish appears on the Swedish pop trio’s first full length collection We Are Only What We Feel which will be sent to digital stores on 1 July via Warner Brothers Records. It features alongside their addictive breakthrough single Pumpin Love and follow up Hungry Eyes, which was recently remixed by fellow Swede, Kleerup – friend of Robyn and Loreen.

The band have described the album as “dark and beat-oriented” with lead singer Stina Wäppling saying that “there’s something that ties the sound of the songs together but they’re all a little bit of different.“.

We never wanted to decide upon a genre or what the NONONO sound was,” she adds. “We just always go with what we felt like and what inspired us that day. You go from being happy to being sad to being shallow to being deep, so whatever mood we’ve been in that’s what song will emerge.

Stream the swirling slice of superb Scandipop One Wish below:

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