US singer-songwriter Coury Palermo talks to Chart Shaker about his musical influences:


US singer songwriter Coury Palermo is one half of recording duo A Thousand Fires who this week released the final chapter of their three EP promotional campaign RebelLoverLiar. The Nashville-raised musician also performs as part of the pop rock duo Paige & Palermo with Crush hit maker Jennifer Paige.

We managed to tie Coury down to answer some questions about the music that has inspired him along the way.

Chart Shaker: What tracks are you listening to right now?:

Coury Palermo: I tend to be a bit all over the board in my musical consumption. Current Playlist: Hozier, Royksopp & Robyn, Coldplay, Erik Hassle, Sleeping At Last, Young Summer, Broods, James Vincent McMorrow, Tycho and the list goes on…

CS: What are your earliest memories of music?

CP: Staying up under the covers and reading the liner notes of my favorite albums with a flashlight. I was obsessed with knowing who played/sang what and memorizing the ends and outs of how/where the record was recorded – crazy little kid. I love packaging to this day. To me it’s the guts behind the vision.

CS: Are there any songs or artists that stand out as reminders of your school or college days?

CP: A steady stream of “chick rock”, hip hop and electronica. I loved the tortured ones: Tori, Sarah M, Tasmin Archer – LOVED Missy Elliot, Arrested Development, Dionne Farris, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Olive and Björk.

CS: Tell us about the first record you bought.

CP: My first album is actually a random one. I grew up in a very strict religious home and “secular music” was not allowed. My sister (knowing how much I loved layered vocals) bought me Enya’s Shepherd Moons for one of my pre-teen birthdays. For some reason the album was acceptable fare in the house and I listened to it non-stop for several years :). It taught me a great deal about the voice and what is possible with harmony. Still an all-time favorite.

CS: What record do you associate with love?

CP: Sade. Lovers Rock. Enough said.

CS: Choose just one track that you wish you had recorded.

CP: Too many to list. Top of my head… Why [by] Annie Lennox. It’s flawless.

Tell us about an artist who you listen to when you’re chilling out with your friends.

CP: Robyn: I’ve been a fan for many years but the Body Talk series is one of my favorite pop collections period. I love that she embodies a pop star and the truth of singer-songwriter. It’s a rare gift. Not many have perfected the art of revealing one’s self while connecting with the masses.

CS: What song shouldn’t you admit to having on your iPod?

CP: Any Britney Spears song – haha! Toxic? I mean come on – it’s one of the best pop songs ever recorded.

CS: What music summons up feelings of heartbreak from inside you?

CP: Greg Laswell AKA The King of Heartbreak. He wrecks me every time I listen. Songs like Back to You & Come Back Down blow me away. He is an artist that deserves a larger audience.

I would have to say my favorite sad song of all time is Near To You by A Fine Frenzy. If you don’t own it – stop what you’re doing and download it. It is the definition of heartache.

CS: And finally, what song are you most proud of being involved in recording?

CP: That would have to be my recent collaboration with Philip Zach under the name a thousand fires. The two songs are called Who We Are & Hit the Ground Runnin’. They are the most honest songs I have ever written.

Download A Thousand Fires’ RebelLoverLiar on iTunes now or head over to their official Soundcloud page to stream the tracks first.

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