Aussie synthpop band Strange Talk premiere music video for the brilliant ‘Young Hearts’:


Wonderful pop here courtesy of the official music video for the latest single from Melbourne four piece Strange Talk who, along with Betty Who, are doing a pretty damned fine job representing Australia’s talent for delivering exhilarating and exuberant synth-driven pop music, in the States.

Young Hearts is a rallying war cry for the carefree, sprinkled with peppy pop beats, rousing stadium-worthy “na-na-na“s and all-appealing lyrics which nostalgically nod to youthful rebellion (“Grown ups. What do they know? Living by the stories on the radio…“).

Comprised of Stephen Docker, Gerard Sidhu, Travis Constable and Gillan Gregory, Strange Talk started making waves back in 2011 with the launch of their self-titled debut EP which includes earlier singles Climbing Walls and Eskimo Boy.

Last year, their first full length set Cast Away was released in their homeland, spawning two further brilliant singles in the shape of the title track and its accompanying video homage to 80s coming-of-age movies, and the euphoric dreamscape dance number Falling In Love.

The Captain Cuts-produced Young Hearts is available to available to download on iTunes now, whilst fans can preorder Cast Away via the band’s official website, ahead of its release on 29 April via Wind-up Records.

Watch the music video for Cast Away below:


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