Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør premieres ‘Among Us’ music video :


Despite having been a regular chart-topper in her native Norway since 2007, Oslo-based songstress Susanne Sundfør first caught my attention only a year ago when her alluring, velveteen vocal featured on a gorgeous new one-off song from fellow countrymen Röyksopp called Running To The Sea.

The 27 year old later appeared on the M83-produced title track from the soundtrack to the Tom Cruise-starring sci-fi action flick Oblivion but today she returned to her fifth studio record, 2012’s The Silicone Veil, to debut an official music video for her own electronic number Among Us.

The clip was directed by Evan McNary as part of the Genero.TV project (see M83’s own visual for Steve McQueen) which offers aspiring filmmakers the platform to work alongside successful artists and brands.

But before you delve in to the haunting and surreal visual that centres around two young girls who pass their time fingering just about anything they lay their hands on, it’s probably worth noting at this point, should your Sundførian knowledge be as limited as my own, that Among Us is unlike either of the tracks I mentioned earlier.

Like the synopsis for a horror movie set to music, the song’s opening gambit opens the scene by detailing the presence of a killer who collects hearts in jars. From that point, we head into even bleaker and darker lyrical territory where hell is coveted, bodies are dumped in wishing wells and veins are veritably peeled.

But don’t let that put you off. Thankfully the visceral content doesn’t visually translate quite so explicitly and the song itself is a brave and utterly captivating exploration in to the oft-left inaccessible darker recesses of the human mind. Sundfør herself charts the spiralling descent with a towering vocal performance that shows incredible power, switching her pitch with effortless dexterity as the accompanying electronica continually shifts and manoeuvres the track to its murderous climax.


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