DIANA: Perpetual Surrender (Official Music Video)


DIANA are an utterly spellbinding new four piece coming straight out of Canada, who recently released the title track from their upcoming debut album Perpetual Surrender to iTunes.

The group are fronted by lead singer Carmen Elle who was recruited by founding members Joseph Shabason and Kieran Adams, after they heard her performing on the gig circuit in their native Toronto. After hooking up with producer Roger Leavens and recruiting their final band member Paul Matthew, DIANA were signed to Paper Bag Records and on 19 August, they’ll release their debut album.

There’s an utterly enthralling mystique that embraces the DIANA project which is embodied by the record’s spellbinding title track.

The alluring vocals – both Elle’s and supporting – are rich and seductive. The production blends crashing percussion with uncomplicated electronica, and evokes a hazy sense of psychadelic nostalgia. This is further bolstered by a break mid-way through for what could possibly be my favourite sax solo in popular music since that in Hazel O’Connor’s Will You.

Probably one of the most enchanting tracks you’ll have heard this year, but it does come with a freaky-deaky video to boot…

Pre-order the album Perpetual Surrender ahead of its 19 August release date here or download the single here now.

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