The Sound of McAlmont & Butler – ‘Yes’, ‘You Do’, ‘Bring It Back’ & ‘Falling’


Welcome to the sweet music that stemmed from the sonically-wondrous pairing of David McAlmont & Bernard Butler

The pair joined forces after Suede guitarist Butler left the rock act during the recording of the band’s ‘Dog Man Star’ album. Once united with seasoned musician and songwriter David McAlmont, the duo went on to release just two LPs; their 1995 debut The Sound of McAlmont & Butler and, seven years later, 2002’s Bring It Back.

First up, let’s take their debut single Yes. Boasting one of the greatest string and percussion instrumentals, such a lavish rock production could swamp even the most talented of singers. But David McAlmont’s soulful three octave range soars above the epic arrangement creating a masterpiece of musical grandeur, packed with emotionally gut-wrenching lyrics about post-relationship recovery.

You Do reached #17 on the UK singles chart in November 1995 and stuck to the winning formula of its predecessor, blending soaring, orchestral rock with astonishingly incredible vocals. Back to back masterpieces of musicianship, well and truly delivered.

In 2002, the duo reunited for their second LP which reached #18 on the UK album chart, surpassing the #33 peak of their debut. Two more UK Top 40 singles followed – Falling and Bring It Back.

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