Josh Groban has premiered his new single ‘Brave’ online. The song serves as the lead cut from his forthcoming sixth studio album ‘All That Echoes’ which is scheduled for release in the US on 5 February and in the UK three weeks later (25 February).

‘Brave’ is another dose of pop music with an operatic twist; a style of music which sells him many an album overseas but which doesn’t necessarily translate in to singles sales.

This is the man who popularised ‘You Raise Me Up’ of course, a few years after it was first recorded by Norway’s 1995 Eurovision champs Secret Garden in 2002. Vocals were provided by Brian Kennedy on that original version but it was only when Josh got his mitts on it that it was brought to worldwide prominence, following a series of high profile performances.

‘You Raise Me Up’ has since been wheeled out during what feels like every run of every single televised singing contest going, but Groban’s take on the track has never peaked any higher than #73 on America’s Billboard Hot 100 or #74 in the UK. It did top America’s Adult Contemporary chart though and Irish boyband Westlife took the track to #1 on the UK singles chart in 2005, when it went on to sell over 500,000 copies.

Anyway, to my point. I very much like ‘Brave’. It’s spirited and very soul-rousing; probably just what the singer songwriter was aiming for. Its classical influence is likely to limit its success on any chart other than America’s Adult Contemporary countdown but I very much doubt singles sales are at the forefront of the 31 year old entertainer’s mind.

What it will do is whet the appetites of his fanbase and help to secure him his sixth consecutive Top 10 studio album on the Billboard 200.

‘Brave’ will be released in the UK on 24 February.

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