A1 have released the official music video for their new single ‘Trust Me’ which was released in Norway on 4 October.

During an interview on a Norwegian TV show earlier this month, singer Ben Adams commented that the new release has received a lot of praise from fans, who have been calling it their best release since ‘Caught In The Middle’ which peaked at #2 back in 2002.

‘Caught In The Middle’, if you aren’t aware, is BLOODY BRILLIANT. You can head to the foot of this post to make yourselves aware too.

I’m not sure ‘Trust Me’ is quite THAT good but it is a bloody catchy acoustic pop offering, which has a jaunty chorus that furrows its way into your brain and then sticks around for days and impressive harmonies. Plus it is accompanied by a suitably enjoyable clip in which the band pose as wedding singers.

So what have the boys been up to for the past decade? Well, after ‘Caught In The Middle’ did so well, A1 released just one more single in the UK (‘Make It Good’) before Paul Marazzi quit the band and they decided to go their separate ways.

However, in 2009 they reformed as a trio and a year later released the actually very brilliant album ‘Waiting For Daylight’.

Similar in style to Take That’s ‘Beautiful World’ comeback, ‘Waiting For Daylight’ was a natural predecessor to ‘Make It Good’ with its guitar driven pop rock and containing some very listenable songs. Signed to the Norwegian arm of Universal Records, the album charted at #5 on its release and spawned four top singles which charted in the Top 15 of Norway’s singles chart, two making the Top 5.

Now A1 are preparing for the release of studio album number five, the aptly titled ‘Rediscovered’ which is due out on 2 November. Earlier this year, a duet with English singer Annie Khalid called ‘Just Three Words’ was released but ‘Trust Me’ looks set to be the official lead single from their most recent offering, with a new video on the way which apparently features a celebrity dressed as a bride wearing a gas mask.

The band returned to perform in front of a UK audience in October last year at the O2 Academy in Islington, so whether or not they will try to extend their musical comeback to the UK is anybody’s guess. But if Blue and all those other 90s and 00s pop favourites can do it, it would be quite nice to see Ben Adams doing a bit more promo in the UK…

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