British four piece Lawson recently hit back at being labelled a boyband, citing their musicianship set up and self-penned tracks as a prime example of how they are different from other manufactured groups. The band have now unveiled their first full collection of material with the release of their debut album ‘Chapman Square’ and, whilst they may have their fair share of teen fans, there is definitely evidence here that they are more than a cut above your average boyband.

Kicking off with the emotionally charged single ‘Standing In The Dark’ in which lead singer Andy Brown laments at his girl is “someone else’s angel”, ‘Chapman Square’ soon establishes itself as a record that doesn’t scrimp on mature songwriting, effortlessly catchy pop rock hooks, polished production and impressive vocals which are all of a consistently high level.

Highlights include the ‘lighters in the air’ stadium anthems-in-waiting ‘Gone’ and ‘Learn To Love Again’, both of which are rammed with soaring crescendo building ‘woah’s that crash into massive choruses and deserve to be credited with single status.

‘Stolen’ is a lyrical gem and ‘You Didn’t Tell Me’ a great showcase for Andy’s impressive vocal range but, whilst the frontman undeniably excels on each and every song, Lawson are a band and this collection of superb songs is credit to the combined forces of each member. Lead guitarist Joel Peat, bassist Ryan Fletcher and drummer Adam Pitts carry its success on their shoulders, and clearly have as much talent as any other band out there at the moment.

Packed with potential hits, Lawson’s first full lengther is a solid and self assured debut. Call them a boyband. Call them a pop group. Call them a rock band. When the outcome is as unexpectedly brilliant as ‘Chapman Square’, labels go out the window and you just hope that they stick around to continue making music of such good quality.



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