Here is the lyric video for Leona Lewis’ new single ‘Fireflies’ which was written and produced by One EskimO’s Craigie Dodds.

The folow up to Leona’s #7 UK single ‘Trouble’ is a beautifully written ballad that is another great showcase for the ‘Bleeding Love’ singer’s emotive vocals and musically scales to great heights with soaring strings and a full gospel choir contributing backing vocals. In other words, a perhaps unsurprising and rather predictable choice of single in the run up to Christmas.

It would have been nice to have seen some of the more experimental electronic cuts from ‘Glassheart’ to receive an early airing and, for me, after ‘Trouble’ explored Leona’s darker side, ‘Fireflies’ feels like a small backwards step to her traditional enotional fare.

However, it may also shift a few more copies of the album to the fans who prefer Leona’s slow burning ballads and, as those go, this is proof that there are few artists out there who can deliver this kind of material better.

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