New Single: US electronic pop band 30H!3 unveil ‘You’re Gonna Love This’

American duo 30H!3 have unveiled their new single ‘You’re Gonna Love This’.

The electronic dance track is the first cut to be taken from their fourth studio album ‘Omens’, which is due out in America later this year. 

The band – made up of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte – scored a trio of UK hits in 2009/2010 with ‘Don’t Trust Me’, the Katy Perry-assisted ‘Starstrukk’ and their Ke$ha collab ‘My First Kiss’. 

Autotune is cranked up for the presumptiously-titled ‘You’re Gonna Love This’, which is like a Frankenstein’s monster of meshed-together contemporary musical styles. Think LMFAO with the leftovers of a Calvin Harris’ remix.

And, whilst previously their lyrics used to be crass but fun, references to Jeffrey Dahmer’s taste for human flesh seem to push the boundaries just that little bit too far. 

Take a listen below and let me know what you think…

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