David Guetta Feat. Chris Brown & Lil’ Wayne: I Can Only Imagine (Official Music Video)

French DJ David Guetta is back again, with the sixth single to be lifted from his ‘Nothing But The Beat’ album. Earlier this week, the video for ‘I Can Only Imagine’ which features the reclusive Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne, was unveiled.

You know what? You really don’t hear enough of these guys. I mean, take Brown for example. His own rather brilliant single called ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ is already looking to topple and Eva Simons from #1 this week, and he looks set to do the chart double and score his first album chart topper with his new album ‘Fortune’. 

He pops up on Brandy’s ‘Put It Down’ which is also out on 2 July. and has recently appeared alongside Nicki Minaj in her US video for ‘Right By My Side’. In August, we’ll see him also crop up alongside her again on DJ Khaled’s massive ‘Take It To The Head’. AND, in between all of that, he has also been promoting ‘Fortune’ with tracks like the inane ‘Strip’, as well as causing a furore by singing alongside Rihanna. 

He really should be putting himself out there more.

As for Guetta, well he pops up now and again for the odd dance pop occasion. Sia, Usher and Minaj have guested on his tracks in the past year, whilst he gave Jessie J a helping hand pushing ‘Laserlight’ in to the Top 10 a few months back c/o a ‘Titanium’ rip off backing track.

Yeah. He should be working harder too.

And Lil’ Wayne. Oh good ol’ Lil’ Wayne. He ALSO features alongside Brown and Minaj on ‘Take It To The Head’. And already this week, I have posted links to the new Kelly Rowland single ‘Ice’ and Keyshia Cole track ‘Enough Of No Love’ which he contributes to. 

If you aren’t feeling slightly overexposed yet and you’re a fan of the trio, then I won’t need to tell you what this sounds like.

Predictable dance pop perhaps, but still undeniably and irritatingly addictive and the futuristic video isn’t a bad watch at all.

‘I Can Only Imagine’ will be released on 9 July. 

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