Scissor Sisters: Let’s Have A Kiki (Free Download)

The Scissor Sisters have already stirred my musical loins twice this year, and simultaneously turned my expectations of new album ‘Magic Hour’ on their head. 

First came the out-of-nowhere buzz single ‘Shady Love’, which remains one of my favourite new tracks of 2012 and has become a gym playlist staple. Somewhat different to the New York band’s previous ‘Night Work’ though, with Jake Shears snappily rapping his way through the track, with Azealia Banks contributing guest vocals.

Then came the official new single ‘Only The Horses’, a return to their familiar pop sound, yet offering one of the most euphoric, uplifting choruses of the year.

Now the group have unveiled ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’ and it’s totally different again. The only way I can think to describe it, is as the lovechild of the Avalanches’ ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ and the early nineties underground dance classic ‘Cantgetaman, Cantgetajob (Life’s A Bitch)’ by Sister Bliss feat. Collette. 

You have to listen to it, to get what I mean. And what’s more you can download the track below too. 

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