Scissor Sisters: Only The Horses (Official Lyrics Video)

This morning the new single from Scissor Sisters received its airplay debut on Fearne Cotton’s radio show. And fans will be pleased to hear that ‘Only The Horses’ is a cracker of a comeback from the New York based band.

The track, which was co-produced by Alex Ridha and Calvin Harris is an uplifting electronic dance affair, filled with dreamy synths and a smashing chorus, belted out by frontman Jake Shears.

This is the second song released from the band’s forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Magic Hour’ which is due for release on 28 May. The first was the irresistibly addictive sleazefest ‘Shady Love’ which was unveiled at the start of the year and saw the group team up with Azealia Banks.

Whilst that remains one of my releases of the year thanks to Shears’ fantastic rap choruses, ‘Only The Horses’ actually has the potential to launch the group back in to the commercial stratosphere.

Much more in keeping with the glam pop rock sound they’ve firmly established, it’s totally recognisable as a Scissor Sisters track and should do what ‘Night Work’ crazily couldn’t do, and guarantee them another UK Top 10 hit.

‘Only The Horses’ will be available to download from 20 May.

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