Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris – We Found Love (New Audio)

Am I just not getting it? It’s not terrible but it’s hardly groundbreaking yet everyone seems to be raving about this new single, like Rihanna reinvented dance music.

I guess it IS arguably better than the shoddy Kelis collab, which lulls you into a false sense of security before going absolutely schizo near the end. This does go a bit mental but probably more Jean Slater than Joe Wicks. That’s favourable.

So what’s so special? Is Rihanna in fact singing in Singhalese? Is Calvin actually producing that sound by strumming his scrotum? If so, I take it all back. But as far as I can make out, she’s not turned into Celine Dion, and he still sounds like he’s playing the demo on his keyboard.

Personally, I hope her foray into dance is a little bit more experimental and the songs varied. We know she’s not backwards at coming forwards when it comes to releasing singles, deluxe editions, collectors’ editions etc…so this could be the first of MANY :-/

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