5 comments on “Celine Dion: Loved Me Back To Life (New Single Premiere)

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  3. No……………! What is Celine doing? Lost the plot, and in that also trashing a Sia piece of art. Only Sia should ever sing a Sia penned song. They are uniquely hers, just like Rhianna’s Diamonds, it has Sia’s DNA written all over it. At least Sia is likely getting a pretty penny for the effort.


    • Sia would disagree your comment. If you would have followed this you would know. By the way I like Sia and love Celine. And Sia send this song with explanation to Celine (she tweeted about this:”I loved Celine Dion already, but after today, I’m completely overwhelmed by how rad she is”.) But I already knew that Sia is a writer for many artists and she doesn’t want to be a superstar she wants to write for them and have some albums for herself. People CAN work together, you know, well maybe not you. Good luck. Love the song btw and love that she works with Sia.


    • The song was written for celine, sia wrote the song for her. You obviously have not followed what’s been going on, that’s why people should know the facts before posting silly comments.



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